Locations: Dubai (HQ), Vancouver, Seattle
Core Business: Modular Building Design
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Locations: Dubai (HQ), Vancouver, Seattle
Core Business: Smarthome Technology
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Secondary: Bespoke Engineering

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Locations: Dubai (HQ), Seattle
Core Business: IoT / Wireless Tech

Locations: Dubai (HQ)
Core Business: Blockchain / Smartcontract based QC/ISO for manufacturing

Veritrack is a blockchain based audit trail, corporate responsibility tracker and smart contract activator for manufactured buildings that provides;

  • Specification, transaction and contract confirmations for single or multiple factory products.

  • A record of every component, procedure, inspection, and factory status during the manufacturing process.

  • Factory ISO certifications, safety stats and incident reports.

  • Ownership confirmation, fault reports, scheduled/unscheduled maintenance reports and use information.


All recorded and maintained in an Etherium private fork blockchain for unparalleled integrity, security and lifespan.


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