Year by year, we are continually surprised by the opportunities not only in the projects we are invited to be a part of but in the amazing people we get to work with. Our successes are attributed to our team’s unique abilities and sheer will to push limits and get things done. Listed here is a select few of those achievements:

2018 – Avario Smarthome Technology

2017 – Monitac 12 Hour Modular Build:

2016 – Binarybean MagnaCLAW!:

2015 – Monitac Smartcamp:

Established in a small office in Vancouver, BC Canada with a small team, the philosophy of ‘technology to improve humanity’ was put into action taking on small projects and seeking out team members and parters. 

Most work at this time was outsourced or coded at weekend hackathons. In 2008 we were finally able to put together a small team of IOT coders, Mobile app, and web developers.

Outgrowing our development offices in Vancouver, Evergreen | Zen teamed up with and eventually amalgamated with Binarybean Technologies Ltd. located in Davao City, Philippines. This move enabled both teams to grow into what is now our primary IOT research and development laboratory. Headed by Chris Veeneman, the Binarybean ‘Skunkworks’ supports the entire group with advanced IOT hardware/software development and manufacturing.

In 2010 Evergreen | Zen developed the brand and product line of remote monitoring and reporting equipment. The product line continues to grow, lowering cost of maintenance and ownership for modular builders and owners alike.

With more and more of the group’s business opportunities being channeled in from partners in the Middle East and Africa it was decided that a Middle East operations office would be established. Dubai was a clear choice and our leadership began the search for the perfect space to set up shop.

In 2015, Monitac Modular, a technologically advanced modular design company was looking for investors to boost it to the next level. With strategic investment and mentorship, Monitac rebranded as Monitac:Remotely Possible and grew into new markets including the USA and Canada. With some of the most advanced ‘Smartcamp’ fast-build technology on the market, Monitac continues to take on and succeed in new markets.

Monitac develops the incredibly flexible ‘Basecamp3’ modular camp system. Portable, Energy efficient and sustainable, the system represents a significant improvement over traditional stick-built camp systems.

When Saudi Arabian oil and gas conglomerate Sadara needed a portable sustainable smart camp for thier emergency management station, they came to Monitac. Manufactured with the very latest in smart technology, the camp used 70% less energy than other camps of the same size and raised the bar of what could be accomplished in the region.

When May Yateem of Kurbside Kitchens needed a solution for her very ambitious business plan of creating a space for restaurant entrepreneurs, she came to the group for ideas. The result was an amazing, fully modular restaurant that was deployed and operational within 12 hours! (See video to the left)

Home automation company Avario needed investment, mentorship and a base of operations. Evergreen | Zen was able to secure funding, attract the necessary talent and help Avario get their product to market. With their cutting-edge wireless smarthome technology, they are poised to become a leader in the game.

2017-19 saw the release of Avario’s 3.0 Intelligent Home System, Monitac’s construction projects in Bahrain, Mongolia and the UAE, Modutech’s partnership with major modular manufactures and Binarybean’s new lighting control technology.

Well, 2020 is off to a shaky start and we putting our collective brains together to see how our technology can make us all a little safer and get us back to work sooner. If you have a project that you need assistance on, message us and let’s build something.


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“...The Evergreen team made my dream possible. They didn't just break barriers, they didn't even acknowledge them.”
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